Week 29 4/22/2014

Hello! And sorry for the late email! Yesterday was a “bank holiday” so the shops were closed and so was the library! So we get to do our emailing today!!!!!

 This past week has been so great we spent a day up in Liverpool where i purchased m  y new summer missionary shoes so exciting! 🙂 But wearing them in isn’t so exciting! Sister Persicke and i spent a day up in a town called high town! It was gorgeous it literally was the typical English town i imagined little cottages everywhere and rolling fields of green grass. The weather was absolutely wonderful as P1030133well this whole week the weather has been amazing! I even got sunburn! So over all our entire day in high town was wondeful! We were able to do some great missionary work by seeing a less active and contacting a referral and tracting the street where the referral lived.  We had an interesting experience while tracting that street so here it is …we knocked on this woman’s home and she opened with a big old frown across her face and said NO I HAVE MY OWN CHURCH! Okay have a good day and then to the next! The next house was another woman much older though. She opened up and we were able to keep the conversation going to find out that her husband had just died which was a great opportunity to teach some of the plan of salvation. We then asked her if she needed any help maybe with her garden or anything and she eagerly was interested for our help with her garden because she is too old to get around to it! She invited us in and showed us her pictures of her family it was the best! then as we are exchanging numbers we hear the door open and the woman from the previous house we knocked at came barging in and was screaming at us “what are you doing here” “Kathy why did you let them in” when we caught a break in her screaming down our throats we explained to her we are just talking about her life the gospel and working things out to come back and work in her garden she then exclaimed “no you weren’t” haha that part cracked me up that she had convinced herself that she knew exactly what we had been doing, she must have had supper senses that range clear from the inside of her house to the next 🙂 sorry couldn’t help it. She kept persisting on why we were there and when I again explained the exact same thing over and over again she just kept saying “no your not!” I then had to take a stand and explain to her that we are not kids and don’t appreciate her talking to us like we are, we are grown women and on top of that we are representative of Jesus Christ! She pretty much ruined our entire visit that we had with Mary because the cranky woman convinced the other one that she doesn’t need help with her garden and that Mary didn’t need Jesus Christ in her life as well. We then just had to thank Mary and we left. Right after we left her house the talk by elder Holland popped into my mind. of standing up for your beliefs and how we all will hit that point in our lives where we have to stand or not stand, no i didn’t have anything thrown into my hair or on my face, i can proudly say that we stood up for ours!

 A couple days later and sister persicke and i are able to chuckle about the entire situation! How great these memories are that i am making out here in England! It’s amazing!!!!!

We are still working with our investigator who we were so positive that she was going to come to church but again she said she wasn’t able to because of her grandchildren! But she said next Sunday she told her daughter that she won’t have the kids over or else the kids are going to church with her so we are getting somewhere just takes time and lots of love! That’s what we sisters are good at loving people! I have really had to develop patience mP1030139ost of the investigators i have taught seem like eternal investigators heavenly father knew which Christ like attribute i needed to work on! i love our investigator so much she really is amazing, i know she will get baptized don’t know if it will be in my time that i am here in Crosby but i do know she will get baptized. She has a strong testimony and even in a prayer she offered she said help me in my desire to be baptized! :)!!!!

 This week i am going on exchange with the sister training leaders and guess who is coming to Crosby sister king my trainer! I am so excited to work and see her again it seems like forever ago we were together!!

 We are officially moving into our flat tomorrow because the office elder’s van broke down last week so it has been put on hold! We had an amazing Easter Sunday. We were invited to a member’s home for dinner the best she is from Brazil and cooks so well! We were able o help her clean up the dishes and she was real excited about that!

Sister Persicke and i have only two full weeks together and then we will receive transfer calls, its exciting to see what the lord has in plan for me next! Transfers are always exciting! I think the actual date we are being transferred is the 7th of May! I’m stoked!

hope you all have an amazing week love and miss you all!

sister katherine hunter


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