Week 28 4/14/2014

AWE!!!! I love reading all of your letters thank you so much! really I appreciate it so much! well it sounds that all of you are doing well with school work church activities and setting time apart to have some fun! that’s the most important one! seriously I really do think that we sometimes we can get so wrapped up in life and focus so much on work, money, and all these other things that we have to do that we can forget to just take a set back and breath. Spending more time with our loved ones  and doing the things that we love! I read a talk out of an older ensign on how this woman worked in a care center. she would ask her dying patience if they regretted anything. she as able to sum up in three points what the most common reply would be ad one of those points was ” I wish I would let myself be happier” the author then went on to talk about how we can be happy that it is our purpose in this life is to experience joy. That no matter the situation we are in we should find joy where we are at at this exact time in our lives! he then went onto say that instead of thinking about our trials ad the day that they will be over we should focus on the right now’s and find joy!! He said we don’t listen to our favorite song waiting for that last note to fade out. so why would we do it with the things that we are tackling on,on this particular day!

wow! seriously I have been able to reflect lately on the things that I have learned so far being out for 7 months.  It is crazy I think I have found and learned more about myself than ever in my life. my goals my dreams and all this by being in the service of our lord!  we can all do that its not just missionaries who can have this. If we would reach out go and see a member in the church we have been thinking of or offering some service to an elderly people i promise we all will be able to find this amazing joy!
This week sister persicke and I were hit with some health problems nothing to worry about we are as healthy as buttons now! We were able to take a couple days and recover and they were so needed! We spent three days in the flat resting and taking care of our bodies. So that is why we had so much time to reflect and think about our missions and all that we have learned so far!
seriously I love sister persicke so much we are so comfortable around each other and just can talk about whatever and whenever we want. its great to see that someone from Germany and clear across the globe from the states can get along so well! we were meant to be together that is for sure!
so this week we will be really busy we are moving tomorrow into our flat but we are excited since it will be walking distance from the chapel and a lot closer to town! we have a zone meeting in Liverpool on Thursday and then Thursday night we have to head back to Liverpool because we will be going with our recent convert to another session of the addiction recovery program! so I am excited for that! The weeks are flying by and sister persicke and I only have about 3 more weeks together, who knows maybe we will get to stay another transfer with each other!
the weather here in Crosby is great and my freckles are starting to pop out again! waaaahoooooo! okay well I need to go but I just want you all to know that I love you and think of you all so much!

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