Week 27 4/7/2014

wow! thats all I can say about general conference! it was great being able to experince it from an in the field missionary!! My favorite talks where given by the usual holland, ballard and scott! they were the ones that hit me the most! I felt like I was able to learn so many things that will help me in P1030045my life not just as a missionary! And elder ballard hit it right on the head with preach my gospels! they really have helped me gain a stronger testimony and understanding of the basic teachings and principles of his gospel!! this week sister persicke and i were preparing ourselves by watching dvds form Octobers conference all week! i feel that it really helped us and put us in that state of mind to get the most out of conference we could!

sister persicke and i are doing just great! we will be moving flats on the 15th our new flat is closer to the chapel which will be so convenient! this weeks plans we will be teaching our newest converts mom english which is always a bunch of fun! then we will be going into Liverpool for the addiction recovery program for another recent converts support! we love our recent converts so much!!!!!! its great being able to see their progression!
this weekend in aintree there was this huge grand national horse race people were saying it is one of the biggest horse races in the world and we were only 15 mintues away from it! the women get all dressed up and wear those weird hats its a pretty big deal they have to shut down all traffic around the arena! when we do work in aintree we have to use the bus stop that is right across from the stadium! it huge!
thanks for you letters and words of encouragement and great ideas for lessons! I really appreciate it and always look forward to reading and writing my emails!

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