Week 26 3/31/2014

HELLOOOO from crosby! 🙂

This week has been crazy for sister persicke and I! We were super busy with traveling and doing service for our members! On Wednesday we had to travel to Manchester for a training its called first five weeks, its specifically for the new missionaries that have come in! I remember going to mine seems like forever ago but it was amazing this time around not being the new missionary! We got our transfer calls and sister persicke and I will be staying together another transfer here in Crosby which is what I expected!
This week we had a senior couple come to Crosby because we have to move flats so they came to scope out some apartments for us and they took us out to eat! I ordered  a hamburger and man oh man is the meat not as good over here as it is in america that is one thing I do miss is the great american hamburgers!
Then on Thursday two sisters from our ward took us out to eat at a carvery.. they dont have these in america its almost like a buffet but just with food you would eat at Christmas or thanksgiving mmmmm it was so great! On Saturday we went to a elderly couples home and did work in their garden for them it was so much fun, she wanted us to get rid of all the dead things in the garden I think I got a little carried away with the cutters but hey she said it look amazing 🙂
we will be able to go to the woman’s conference and then the first session of general conference this Saturday ! I cant wait for it! I have been waiting for this day to come since the second conference was over in October! i am ready for an uplifting spiritual re-boost!
both sister persicke and I are doing well we are having the time of our lives here in Crosby and that is one thing i am so grateful for is the fact that she can be fun and goofy because that’s how i am and we are really living the moments up! our appointment with that man fell through this week Satan is trying to get in the way but we will keep trying we wont let him win!! 🙂
the weather is great the flowers are all coming out and it is green beyond and belief!
until next week love you all!

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