Week 25 3/24/2014

Sorry about not getting a group letter out last week!
But the last two weeks have been great we are on our finally full week of this transfer i swear the transfers just keep speeding up more and more it’s crazy!
All is well here in wonderful Crosby! sister persicke and i are getting along so well we are working our hardest to fill the Crosby ward it is quite small it technically should be considered a branch but hey they are a group of amazing Liverpudlians ya they seriously are considered Liverpudlians haha i had a good chuckle when i found that out! We went on exchange this last week with the sister training leaders i went to south ribble again and sister persicke stayed here and ran the area for the first time! ahhhh i remember when i first ran Burnley and how scared i was but i prepped her for it and just made sure that when she gets lost its not an if it’s a when she gets lost to just relax and go with it! That is another thing i have had to learn to just go with it and stop stressing so much. I think we can get so caught up in things if they don’t go accordingly like we planned! Well out here when we have thought long and hard about a lesson to share with someone and we honestly feel that it’s what they need then you walk out of the lesson and cover nothing that we were planning on covering yaaa that’s where i learned this great lesson! We can’t force things in life yes we can help direct but never force things. I have learned to be more calm and collected as well playing sports through my whole life i already knew that when we are calm and collected that’s when we perform the best but it was getting to that point of being calm and collected!
I got an email from sister milbin she is home and all is well she is teaching and just getting back into the regular life’s grind! She always tells me at how much she misses her mission and she has only been home for almost 6 weeks! Wooweee!
I feel as i come up to the end of this transfer and on to next i am finally adjusted to England and the missionary schedule! One friend told me that once you are through the first six months of your mission the rest will fly by in the blink of an eye! And i can testify of that this transfer went by scarily fast! It’s only taken me six months to adjust but my friends i feel like i have! The hardest thing i have ever done but i can’t even begin to list all of the lessons and things i have learned while being out here!
SO this week we had a sports day! Where all the sisters in the mission met up at the stake center in Manchester and we just had a fun day and they fed us COSTCO PIZZAAAAA! 🙂 but the down side of the sports day was my competitive side is still there and i find it extremely hard to have fun when playing volleyball at not a very competitive level so a sister and i went running! 🙂
Sister Persicke played the piano most of the time but that was great because she plays it so well! Mom i am sorry for being such a pain at not wanting to practice piano i wish i would have stuck with it! I am getting in to piano lessons when i get back. She plays this song it’s called i giorni by einaudi ohhh it is my favorite piano piece ever! At the beginning of my mission i got a jump drive and just have been filling it with uplifting music mission approved and ohhhh i love listening to it all so much lots of instrumental music and it really has improved my moods! So i challenge you to all listen to uplifting music this week and see how it changes your moods! The byu vocal point has a lot of great modern church music!
This next week is going to be another great busy week! We met this man last week and we kept running into him so i told him this story
There was this man who was sailing out in the ocean when all of a sudden bad weather came upon him and his boat and he was eventually tossed into the crashing waters! He had so much faith in the lord he knew that he would be saved!. Eventually this boat came along and threw him out a rope telling him to grab a hold when he replied no i am fine i have faith that my lord will save me! So they pulled the rope back in and sailed away! then a couple hours go by and another boat comes and offers to through him out a floaty again he replies no my lord will save me i don’t need your help, and they too sailed away then for the last time of that man’s life one more boat came along insisting he needed some help and that they were going to throw him a life jacket and pull him in through his stubbornness he explained that HE DID NOT NEED THEIR HELP AND HIS LORD WOULD SAVE HIM. He eventually drowned and died because his body could no longer fight! while he was up in heaven he went to god with this huge question as in why he had not saved him, he put all his trust in him but he was not saved, god replied what are you talking about i gave you three opportunities to be saved and you didn’t take one of them!!!
So we have met that man about 3 times since we met him the first time and in random places as well. After i told that story to him he said i think i need to give you my number and address! We got his details and said that his neighbour could use some help right now and he would talk to him about setting up a time so we can all meet! Ohhh it was so great telling that story since the first time i heard that knew i wanted to tell it to someone!
Missionary work is fun! can you believe it through all this rejection and hard strict schedule and physically demanding work we do every single day that i am still able to say that i love it and that its fun! I have learned that no matter what we are going through in our lives we need to make the most of everything and that our attitude has a huge role in that! before i started my mission i set a goal that i would love and be best friends with every single companion i had and so far i am glad to say that i have made and become great friends with three wonderful girls! So when the time gets rough and hard just take a step back and evaluate yourself and your attitude!
i can’t wait for general conference this will be one of the most powerful experiences that i will have in my life, being so close to our saviour and then being counselled by our prophet and 12 apostles how great and what a blessing that we can be a part of this great church! I am proud to be a Mormon and know that this is the true church and that through our ups and downs that life throws at you if we stay steadfast and hold on tight we can get through the hardest times!
I don’t know why this week i am writing about this but hey hopefully this can help ya because it really has helped me through some of the hardest times i have had
There also is a video that i love so much its called mountains to climb by president eyring
Here is the URL!
Hey i love you al so much and life is great! I am so happy to be a member of this church it’s the best thing in the whole world!!!!

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