Week 23 3/10/2014 -first poem

So this week was great we went on exchange with the Wigan sister Pongi and sister taukei! It was great sister persicke’s first exchange and she handled it like a champ! Seriously she is so mature and so devoted to this work, i honestly don’t feel like i am trainingP1020926 her she is just so prepared! Anyways so having sister pongi come to me it was great! She is very quiet president! This is something i am not use to as you know! But it was a great learning experience for me! I learned the importance of communication and howP1020954 we always need to talk with our companion! Communication is key to unity! so i had a little worry this weeP1020977k and i was just like “UGH” i need to call president i need to call sister king! But then i just realized no i can just take this to heavenly father, he knows exactly why I feel the way i am feeling he knows exactly what is going on! And that is how my testimony of prayer and my relationship has been strengthened this week! we were at a member’s home and shared a Mormon message the one about the man who lost his wife son and daughter, he said in there that when yP1020869ou are going through a hard time and you just take it to heavenly father it is a very interesting conversation…. ohhh and i can testify of that! But i love it! This week i have learned the importance of communication with your companion and with heaven father! I LOVE SISTER PERICKE! We are just so similar i love her we are having so much fun here in Crosby i am enjoying this work! and that’s what it is supposed to be like i feel like i am finally starting to see how i am bringing myself and my personality into this work! i love it we are inspiring and learning from one P1020983another every single day it is just the best feeling every wrote a poem and i wanted to share it with you.. And this is weird because i never write poems EVER!!!!

Okay so its titled

Sabbath morning

Calmness as the morning goes by

Listening to the sweet bird’s song in the sky.

There couldn’t be a better morning,

with sunshine and the smell of spring coming

but what makes this day isn’t all that,P1020565

It’s the chance I have of partaking of something special,

this whole day I devote to him knowing every doubt, every worry, and every sin

just vanishes when I turn it over to him.

There is something about this EP1020998ngland mission

where I have grown closer to him and his great conviction

I can see him walking right beside me, every step and every word that it might be

He is my REDEEMER, my SAVIOR and has set me free!P1020993


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