Week 22 3/3/2014

Hello everyone! What a great week we had! So this week all us missionaries had the chance to go to the temple this week! Ohhh it was amazing!! so Crosby is quite far away from Chorley (the town where the temple is) and this may sound silly to you all but i was very proud of this…. so in my head i was brainstorming that in order for us to get to the temple on time we would have to wake up at like 4!!!!! Ya EW! And as missionaries every second of sleep you do get matters! Me not being okay with that i brainstormed this wonderful plan! A member from my last area works near Crosby and Chorley is like 30 minutes away from Burnley (my last area) so i called her and asked if we could get a ride from her to Chorley the night before and stay with the sisters who are living in Chorley!!!! BOOOM! And it worked out just like that! Sister Persicke and i were so thankful! It is something so simple but i love being able to be the leader and make these decisions for our companionship! It was nice being trained and being with sister milbin but i like being the senior companion 🙂 not in a cheeky way!! Anyways we had a great week! Ripping it up here in Crosby! On Saturday it was our four hour finding where we consecrate 4 hours that day just to strictly finding! And since we are so close to the beach I’m sure you can imagine where we spent a couple hours! 🙂 The weather was so great i think i almost got sunburn! And we talked and had so many great gospel conversations with people! As an overview of that day we had a total of 6 lessons on the spot with people and 2 new investigators! THE LORD IS GREAT!!!

Sister Persicke and i decided that we are going to throw out all our junk food and chocolate and eat more fruits! Sister Milbin and i decided that as well but once sister persicke came the ward bombarded us with all this junk food! So note if ya ever give the missionaries food healthy is the best because everyone seems to think we need junk food!

 I will be going on exchange this week with sister pongi she is from Tonga! 🙂 I am excited it will be great! She is coming here to Crosby so yaaaaa i get to run the area some more! sister persicke will be going to Wigan for her first exchange… i remember my first exchange it was a great experience being able to work with another sister and see how what i like and what i don’t like! MAN i can’t believe that today marks my 6 month point on my mission! A year left and bam i will be home! Its crazzy at how much i have learned and i can’t wait for this next year to see what else i will learn!

 This week we were teaching about forgiveness we have some members that have been really offended and they decided to stop going to church! Ohh if i could just be overbearing with people i would but we can’t as missionaries! It’s not the person who offended us salvation it is our own who we jeopardize if we decided to stop going to church because of what this person said or what this person did! I have met many people who do this and it is the most silliest thing i have ever heard of! There is a talk called choose not to be offended and it is the best! Being offended is an action it’s an option! No way to we have time to sit and mop because every second we do is a second wasted for our eternal happiness! We shared the scripture in doctrine and covenants section 64 i think verse 10 it pretty much says that the lord will forgive whom he will but we are “required” to forgive everyone! As hard as that can be i believe that when we use the atonement to its fullest and pray and ask for charity he will give it to us! 🙂

 I love you all very much and love hearing and reading your stories and words of encouragement! Have a great week and family see you on mother’s day!!!!


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