Week 21 2/24/2014

WOW!!! Just let me start off by saying wow! This week has been the best week of my entire mission! I loved it so much! Okay so on Tuesday they had a train the trainers at the mission home! And when we first got there we went to look at the pictures P1020927of the new missionaries coming in and one of them i would be training! I glanced at them all and then went back to this one girl’s picture and said yuup that’s the one i am training!

The next day we are all (we as in every missionary transferring) was waiting for the new missionaries to arrive! And all the trainers where in the chapel lined up in the front waiting to greet them! Then president went through and called each new missionary told them where they were going and who w P1020936as their trainer! once he got to that same girl who i called it the night before that i would be training her YUP sure enough he said sister persicke you will be serving in the Liverpool area in Crosby with sister hunter!!!! Once he said Liverpool i knew she was mine because i was the only sister serving in the Liverpool area! CRAZYYYYY!!!!! Seriously i just remember looking at their picture and i instantly knew that i would be training her!

 oh my goodness so sister persicke is from Germany she is 21 years old and is the most positive fun happiest person i have met in my entire life! She is so amazing and is so easy to train she is just soaking it all in so quickly! We have had honestly the best time so far together! I already know that the next 12 weeks are going to be the best. We are similar in a lot of ways but still quite different but that’s why we work so well with one another! I love being a trainer i have learned loads already! It’s great because i am starting to establish my own personal style in missionary work! I am spreading my wings! It’s great i am so happy and i love it so much! Looking back at those last 4 months and all the hardships and all the trials i had to go through are so worth it because they were preparing me to become a trainer! I love sister persicke so much and we are going to tear Crosby up! We go out there and hit the pavement and just talk with people all day long! It is the best thing i have ever done! Awwwwe! Missionary work nothing like it!

 So just a few of many miracles we have been able to see this week! so we were a couple minutes early for our next appointment and we decided that we were going to get off a couple bus stops past the chapel and street contact back when BAM the first person we talked to was a dad with four kids who became a new investigator just like that! Then another day we didn’t have time to go and see this less active family before dinner so we just headed back home! then carrying out our plans after dinner we went to this woman’s home and she didn’t live there so then sister persicke looked at the planner and said i really feel that we need to go and see this less active couple, so off we went. When we got to their home they didn’t answer so we then walked back to our bus stop, the both of us wondering why she was prompted to go and see this less active family if they didn’t answer the door! After waiting for the bus for about 10 minutes this woman came walking by and i stopped her and soon found out that she was a less active member!!!!!!!! After chatting with her for a few minutes we scheduled an appointment with her! We will be seeing her on Wednesday!!! Miracles are happening here in Crosby so many i can’t even put a number to all of them! I have been able to see heavenly fathers hand in everything we do out here! He is with us every second every minute of the day! He also is with us every second and minute even when we aren’t missionaries, we just have to reach out to him and he will guide us and help us! He wants the best for us so it just takes that little step of asking or seeking whether it is by praying or reading scriptures! he won’t leave us stranded and i surely can testify of that because i was so nervous for this transfer because i was training but this week ohhh man i have been praying my heart out and it has been the most uplifting spiritually edifying week of my life!!!! I love this work and thank you all for you letters i love opening my inbox and seeing all the letters please keep writing and i will as well!!

 Love you all so much! Until next week!


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