Week 20 2/17/2014

Hello hello!!!!!

Well I received my transfer information on Friday they usually tell us on Saturday but Friday night president called me and asked me to become a trainer!!!!!!!!! I was so excited on the phone with him!! I can’t believe he already wants me to train i feel like i just got done being trained! I won’t know who this sister is until Wednesday night! The new missionaries all come to the stake center and all the trainers and other missionaries that are moving to a different area will all be there waiting for them! When they walk into the chapel us trainers will be all lined up in the front! MANNNN i can’t wait i am so excited it is such a spiritual experience! I cannot wait!! 🙂

This week has been great being my last week with sister milbin we really only have a day and a half left with each other, it’s crazy at how fast this transfer went! We found a new investigator a couple days back she is great her mom is JW and she personally didn’t follow her mom’s steps because she didn’t agree, she had so many questions. We had a great chat with her and we were able to teach her some really key principles of our religion! We have set up a time and date to meet her so pray that she will keep the appointment!! our ward here is great there are so many members who are doing missionary work which is amazing since they came out with the work of salvation( i encourage you all to take a look at that on the lds website!) We still are teaching this Bulgarian family things have been hard for the mother because the husband isn’t the most interested, but last Thursday we met with them and an sister in law to the mother (who turns up sporadically to the lessons) came and sat in during the lesson at the end she said! I have read through all the pamphlets and can feel the spirit when she is reading them so she wants a book of Mormon! How great!!! Such a miracle hopefully we can start working with her and that will help the mother progress!

 Sunday was an amazing day the sun was shining all day long! We had senior missionaries who are serving at the temple in Preston come to speak during sacrament and also a fireside later that night! They are from Utah and will be going back to live in st.george! Their names are the telfords! They are really an inspiring couple, how lucky are they to serve a mission specially for the temple! They spend every single day in the temple for two years!!!

Speaking of temples we are having a temple conference where all us missionaries will have the chance to go through! I can’t wait last time i went was at the mtc!

Sorry my emails are all over the place i have so much going through my mind!

Our ward has started announcing upcoming events and General conference was on it!!!!! Ohh i can’t wait to listen to it! I wish i would have gone to it when i was so close it’s such a blessing that it’s held so close to where most of us live! There are so many members out here that have always dreamed of going but can’t because of the cost of traveling! So i hope we all are grateful for the closeness of it! I know that is the first thing that is on my agenda once i get back!

 This week we were sharing a message on hope! And how as latter day saints we should all be a hopeful people! having hope is knowing and believing that something better awaits us! and how great it is that we know something better awaits us! life with heavenly father and jesus christ and becoming gods and godesses! Here are somethings that will help us stay more hopeful! 1.trust in god 2.focus on the positive 3.identify and challenge negative beliefs 4.associate with hopeful people and environments 5.develope confidence 6.improve self-control 7.discover unexpected beliefs 8 rejoice in life’s small victories 9 take care of yourself 10.seek spiritual or professional help!

All of these steps are listed in a talk in the ensign called “the healing balm of hope”

 This week surely will be a big change for me! Thanks for all your support! Hope you have a great positive week! And remember it’s what we make of it! So stay HAPPY!!!!!! Love you all!


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