Week 19 2/10/2014

Thank you all so much for the emails and support!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

This week we were able to have an amazing lesson with this woman named Lori, she was to the point of dropping us a week earlier. Lori definitely was feeling uncomfortable prior too she had mentioned she felt like we were overbearing and whether or not we were sister Milbin and I had every intension in just helping her. Sister Milbin and I are a great team and very strong individuals so to someone who is more reserved I can kind of see how she might have felt uneasy. But Right before our next lesson with her sister Milbin said a quick prayer to help us loosen our tongues that we might know what to say that will help her. We went inside and just had the most amazing chat!  She was asking great questions that led us to answer by explaining our purpose as missionaries. She was blown away she didn’t know we just did this for 18 months and then go back to regular life. She was able to understand that what we are doing as missionaries is purely for the love of our Christ and saving other souls! She explained that she loved the idea and thought we were pretty great for deciding to serve a mission! We then were able to clear up the whole confusion on polygamy, a recent documentary came out about these so called “Mormons” who were polygamists. Since that has been aired we have been having that conversation with a lot of people! I was able to say proudly these so called Mormons are not Mormons at all, they have taken the title and twisted it abused it and reformed it. I said to her I have one mom one dad and Mormons do not practice polygamy! Awww I could go on and on about this subject! We then taught her about the plan of salvation which she just ate it up asked so many question, she was so interested that she promised us she would do the commitment we left her!

The lesson the week before we had I felt prompted to teach the restoration and sure enough it was what we needed to teach, Lori has been taught on and off for a year and when we went over the restoration she knew nothing about joseph smith or really the background of the book of Mormon! No Wonder why she wasn’t progressing!

sister milbin is leaving on the 19th so this friday or saturday i will find out who my next companion is! exciting!!!!!

anyways i love being a missionary its one of the best decisions i have ever made! I love you This gospel is true and the book of mormon is blue! (dur) cheesey poem but hey its ALL TRUE!

hope you all have a great week!


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