Week 18 2/3/2014

Hello! Hello!

Thank you for the emails! Love reading all of them! This week has been great! I went on exchange with Sister Taylor she is from Canada and she is very athletic which was great to serve a couple days with a former athlete! 🙂 We got up in the morning and ran down to the beach! Wooweee was I sore the next day! When we do our exchanges we go to Liverpool town center! OH MY GOODNESS it’s amazing the feeling of actually being in Liverpool, sometimes it just hits me that i can’t believe that i am in England! While i stayed in Crosby with sister Taylor sister milbin went to st.helens and met a man from her original country Haiti, she was able to speak creole with him her native tongue, she was so excited because that was the first time she has been able to speak that language here! So exchanges are definitely inspired!  Also this was my second time running the area without my senior companion and i don’t want to brag or boast but i did pretty dang good! The last few times i would stress out, miss appointments because i would get lost! I really have tried hard his transfer to learn the area, and not once did i get us lost!!! Going on exchanges really drain you so it was great to get recharged on Sunday! It’s my favorite part of the week being able to just take everything to the lord and hand it over! that is one thing sister milbin has taught me, as missionaries we hear so much we see so much and it’s hard to keep it all straight and keep our thoughts positive! We aren’t sent here to do this work by ourselves. Jesus Christ suffered for a reason, he knows exactly how i am feeling and he is my rock i am leaning on right now! I am grateful to be so young and have the relationship that i do with him!

This week we shared this lesson with many of the less active members! So in Matthew 25 1-5 it’s the parable of the ten virgins. (I invite you all to read that) after reading those ten verses sister milbin and i would make the connection to the lamps as our testimony and the oil as our conversion! Those foolish virgins who didn’t take any oil with them, their light eventually went out! We can’t just have one or the other we need to have both. We can have a testimony of this church and the gospel but without the true conversion or that oil it is pointless to have a lamp! We then would ask them what they think they can do to make sure they always have oil in their lamp! We would usually get the answer church, pray, and scripture study.  I wonder if we really understand the power of those three components! Even though it is easy to say it’s quite hard to act and do all three! The things we do here on earth with affect us eternally! How powerful is that and what a compliment it is for heavenly father to trust us here on earth to know of these things and to act on them!! I am shooting for the highest kingdom in the celestial kingdom and i want all my family members to be there with me! So FAMILY! let’s do all we can right now to make sure we are all there in the end! It’s never too late to start now! Elder uchdorf gave a talk about the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but better late than never! Also one more thing i have learned with the parable of the ten virgins is that when Jesus taught about this he was referring to himself as the bridegroom and the ten virgins as the rest of us, when the time comes that he appears to us will we be ready and prepared? Or will we have the door shut on us?! How great is this gospel!!! I love you all!

Until next week sister hunter


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