Week 16 1/20/2014

sorry this email will have to be short!

i just want to share a quick miracle with you!
so on Saturday we had a set time to go finding, our bishop gave us a street and we decided to tract and street contact it! well this street is quite big, maybe an hour later we were going to move on to another street but we weren’t sure if we should continue the way we were heading or if we should take a quicker and shorter way! this road we were on ran right alongside of the beach beautiful! anyways we were street contacting at the time, we came across this house both of us looked at it and felt prompted to knock, this woman opened up just looking like she had been hit by a train she later explained she was suffering with a horrible migraine the more we got talking with her she opened up ever more to tell us that her husband just told her he wanted  a divorce because he has found a younger woman she just broke down on the door step and laid it all on us!! she kissed our cheeks and thanked us for coming by and that we were angels! we are going back next Saturday and hoping to share and start teaching her!
as missionaries we are simply instruments in the lords hands he knows all his sheep and will lead and guide us to those who are suffering and who we can inspire and who we can shine our light on! i love being a missionary! this work is amazing

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