Week 15 1/13/2014

well here i am in crosby liverpool!  the people are so friendly, sister milbin is the absolute best she is going home at the end of this transfer so she is well ripened in missionary work! which really has helped and inspired me,she has taught me so much in just the few days we have been together! crosbyP1020820 is literally a 5 minute walk to the beach!

CROSBY IS THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! SISTER MILBIN IS ABSOULTELY AMAZING! The lord definitely knew what i needed at this time because Crosby and sister milbin was it! Also the beach is SOOO Amazing it is couple minutes’ walk from where we live. The first time we went finding near the beach i was looking out and i was so confused there were all these people just standing looking out towards the ocean! Later i realized they were the “iron men” everyone was talking about! they are statues placed in the sand significant for who know why… haha i had quite the laugh i literally was thinking what is with all those weird people what are they looking for! 🙂

we are teaching a family from Bulgaria and i have my first BAPTISM!!! on the 26 of January missionaries have been teaching her for about a year and she is more than ready to be baptized!

the ward in Crosby is quite small, when i first was told that i was going to Crosby one of the elders said to me Crosby ward is dying thinking like they aren’t a good ward and need a lot of help! Well coming to realize that they seriously were all dying , they are a very old ward but so supportive for missionary work! we have a dinner appointment with the bishop on Wednesday! he used to be a dj for clubs sister milbin was telling me! it’s amazing at how we can change so much! Like i said earlier sister milbin is amazing she is such a well-rounded missionary, she is such an inspiration to me i have much to learn in these next 14 months!

we also found out who our new missionary president will be, bishop and sister ulrich from sandy utah! they will be coming in at the end of june! i am excited to meet them and excited to see what it will be like once sister and president preston leave!

this week has been amazing, with attending the transfer meeting (where all the missionaries who are moving to a new area all come together and meet in the manchesP1020817ter stake center) that is the first thing you go to as a new missionary, so wegot to meet all the new ones coming in there were only about 7! so one thing president preston has us do is all the missionaries that have been out that are attending the meeting line up from the door to the chapel and sing called to serve while the new missionaries enter! well i was singing this time! it was so weird i felt like it was just yesterday that i was the one walking into that building and looking at all the missionaries that were singing to us!  shows you how quick time goes by!

thank you for all your letters and support i love reading them!

I love you all and miss you!


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