Week 14 1/6/2014


I am doing great! We have a wonderful week! I really enjoyed New Years Eve and new years day! Sister king and I were able to spend some really great quality time with each other! we pulled out mattresses out int o the living room and watched movies pretty much all day! it was the best you really appreciate those relaxing times as a missionary! It really was amazing!  but to be honest it was quite hard getting back into the swing of it again after this holiday season.I am really excited that there wont be anymore breaks until the end of 2014 J, as nice as they are its just really distracting! I am so pumped for this New Year 2014 will be my mission year and I am so excited! I am ready for the challenges and great times that I will face!

 well this is the week that i am finally finished with being trained it was a 12 week process and probably one of the hardest times that i have had in my life!

i am being transfer to ………. LIVERPOOL!!! i will be serving in a town called crosby! my companion will be sister milbin who is from canada who has been on her mission for a while now, i think i might be one of her last companions. she also was a sister training leader! :O so she will be really obedient! 🙂 it will be good for me though!
Since I found out that I was leaving Burnley in my down time I have been really l thinking about the change in myself since day one to 3 months later, it is absolutely amazing all those hard days every single one of them were completely worth it. Even though sister king and I didn’t have any baptisms or really any progressing investigators I feel pleased and feel like a successful missionary.  I have learned so much about my savior in the past three months and I know that all these trials that I had to go through in Burnley were necessary for me to begin to understand the atonement! My relationship with heavenly father grew immensely.

I am ready and willing to go where ever he wants me to go! I have learned so much from sister king and I could not imagine me being trained by anyone else there definitely was a reason why we were with each other we both learned so much from one another!

i love you all and miss you so much!!!!!!! let the new year begin and lets make it the best one yet!!!!

until next monday!


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