Week 13 12/30/2013

wow! well it was great seeing all my family! sorry this email i going to be short! so i only have 8 more days with sister king and then transfers come cant believe i have been out here for moP1020736re than twelve weeks including mtc! days are long but weeks go by fast!! i just want to say thank you mom dad brothers sisters and nieces! thank you so much for bearing your testimonies with me! we are definitely going to make that a usual when we skype just so you know! you all are great and it is amazing reading your emails sorry that i cant write back to everyone personally but you all know me very well and i am pretty sure by now you know some of the things i would say back to your emails if i had the whole day to just email! so for new years eve and new years day me and sister king are going P1020724to relax and watch some movies we also will be going to the palmers and the leeds for those two days! we also have been thinking about taking a trip somewhere and just going to see the country side of england which is absolutely breath taking i will send some pictures! brother leeds took us on top on pendle hill which is known for witches no joke they are called the pendle witches…..

missionary work is work as usual we had this conversation yesterday with this very intelligent muslim man i walk away from that conversation and felt about 15 years older.. we shared what we believe and so did he. the muslim religion is really interesting there are a lot of similarities between muslim and Christianity! alright well i need to go and carry on with my mission life even though it is really hard! i am blessed to have this opportunity i am learning so much about myself and stretching myself more than ever before! have a wonderful new years and just know that i love you all and miss you!
love sister katherine hunterP1020741 P1020749

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