Week 11 12/16/2013

Hello!!!!!!! Wow what a week, our stake put on a Christmas carol concert this week sister king and I we were ableP1020677 to attend the Saturday nights session with an investigator and her two sons! It was amazing! We went and walked around the temple before and went down to the nativity seen by the mtc! They all loved it her oldest son who is about 6 said right when we go close to the temple wow that is well good! Haha it was the cutest thing, I love how English people talk! Anyways we were also planning on attending the Sunday session with this less active who we just randomly met on the street who just moved here from Scotland! She was going to bring her other friend! So last night we had dinner with some members then we were planning on going to pick up Angela and Luke! Right before we get to her apartment we called her and her phone was turned off…. We then called Luke and his phone was off my stomach just dropped, right then I knew they weren’t coming and they didn’t have the decency to call and let us know! At that point I was so sad and disappointed we had a ride and everything arranged for them I was so excited it would have been a great way to end the Sabbath day! So we thanked our ride and thP1020706-2en just continued tracting and finding… it was so hard for me honestly to care I was mad I was sad uhhhggh! Every emotion I knew at that point how our heavenly father must feel when we decide to make a wrong choice. I asked sister king do you feel this heart breaking disappointment a lot… she then said everyday! Ohh my goodness  I just dropped from low to even lower! I was thinking I don’t know if I can do this I cant and don’t want to feel this ever again! We then went to our back up plan and they too weren’t in. so now from being dropped lower to now even lower than before. I really was broken it seemed like everything was just falling apart! We then said a prayer to see where we should go, neither of us received a straight forward answer, nor did any names pop into our head so we figured maybe we had this back-up plan to put us in this area, so we just decided to tract! We P1020701first knocked at this mans home who was nice but not interested. Then as we were approaching the next door sister king said to me I want to carol, normally I would be hesitant because that is out of my comfort zone but I was so broken that I didn’t care and I said sure let just do it! The next house a younger man opened we chatted a little bit asking if he believed in jesus Christ and he said my girl friend does so she came to the door, we asked if it would be okay to sing a Christmas carol, we then sang the first verse of silent night! After we asked if we could share a message and THEY LET US IN! we taught them the restoration invited them to pray and read about our message and the book of Mormon they said they would then we invited them to baptism and he said YES! We set up two more appointmentP1020667s with them gave them the book of mormon and left. Once we left I just wanted to start crying my heart was so full so grateful and so humble. How could it be that 30 minutes prior too I was broken and so sad, to now feeling of straight pure love! That has been the high light of my week, it just proved even more to me that he never leaves my side he never forsakes me he loves me and he is carrying me! I have such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ I love him with all my heart!  This work would be impossible without him!


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