Week 10 12/9/2013

Well another week has gone by! This week has been challenging that is for sure, but that aspect never seems to fail me through out the week. We have been working with less active families and most of their excuses for not coming to church is because they have been offended by someone at church! It has really taught me and showed me that is exactly what I don’t want to be like when I get older! We have people in the church that yes may say offensive things to us but it is in our power and our power only to choose to be offended! We go to church to strengthen our testimonies and work on our salvation not the old woman’s who doesn’t like your shoes or thinks your baby is too loud! I love these lessons I am learning while I am out here I have also learned that people can get really caught up in worrying so much what people think about them! And I am the perfect example of that I use to and sometimes still do care too much what people think about me! It absolutely drives me nuts! So what!!!!! I know who I am I know I have a testimony I have my faith! If I stay strong and always stand up for what I know is true then I (we) will be fine! I love that I have been blessed with such a great family who is strong in the gospel and living it! we had exchange again this week and I was the one in charge of the area and sister tebao came to me she is from the pacific islands! Her hair is ridiculously long! It was so hard we had every single appointment fall through! We had dinner with bishop that night. He is so great I really appreciate him and his family! We had a great time getting to know each other! He informed me that he received an email from some high guy in the church saying that there are certain countries now that will only allow missionaries in if they have done four years of seminary! Woooweee! Well it came out that I hadn’t even gone to one year! J bishop will never let me forget that haha he is such a sarcastic joking type which is great because that is exactly how I am! We all got to know each other well he now knows I didn’t go to seminary he knows that I am not a good cook and that I am not very crafty he then went on to joke and say are you sure your even Mormon! Well I can thank all of you for always be such a great example to me. His wife said to me I can’t believe you have been out here for only two months you seem like a missionary who is just about to go home!J allllllright I like hearing that because that is not how I feel at all! I also have learned that I am too hard on myself I don’t give myself enough credit and that is what I will be working on! There are always many miracles that happened while we are out street contacting people we run into less active people who the church wouldn’t even have record of. I really like working with the less actives they teach me a lot about what not to be like when I get older! I hope that I will be able to strengthen them and help them like they are helping me learn!

i love all of you and miss you so terribly much! but the months are flying by and i will soon be home! love you and hope you have a great week!


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