Week 1 10/9/2013

Oh my gosh you guys have no idea how much all of your letters have helped me! I love hearing all your stories! This first week at the MTC has been the hardest thing I have done in my life! Sitting on that dang airplane for 7 hours was so hard I don’t think I slept at all! Getting use to the schedule and trying not to think about how much I miss everyone has been the hardest thing! So my comp. she is from Italy her name is sister (Annalisa) Nigido!!! She was quiet at first and had a hard time trying to understand me I really had and still have to be careful how I word my sentences! She is going to the Leeds mission! But over the time of a week we have become more comfortable around her and have gotten to know her so much better! She is actually loud and very funny which is perfect cuz we can be our goofy selves’ with each other AND SHE PLAYED VOLLEYBALL TOO and she is goo! So when we get the time to exercise we pepper with each other like seriously what are the odds we also went on a run! (here ya go Nicole) we probably ran about a mile and a half it was so good to go out and exercise I have been siting, eating teaching reading crying and praying like straight up that’s the life of a MTC missionary! It was so great to get out! Running through the streets of England was so cool when we weren’t on a busy street the houses are cute little things mostly cottage style and brick! Let me just say this the drivers here are INSANE! They drive so fast and since they are driving on the wrong side of the road it makes them look ever more insane! I am not use to that at all like I will be checking over my left shoulder to make sure a car isn’t coming and it’s the wrong flippen shoulder the cars are coming from the right! A little scary!

So on the spiritual side of things I have learned a lot about this gospel that I really didn’t know, it’s a great learning experience right now we are focusing on how to become the best teacher you can, me and sister Nigido have taught like 5 or six times it is hard so I have much respect for missionaries! We watched the joseph smith story after we watched general conference! THE SPIRIT WAS SO STONG everyone was crying by the time it ended including the elders it was such a great experience that was the first time I had cried not because I missed everyone one I was crying because I was filled with the spirit and the love that I have for joseph smith! I am still trying to soak it all in the time zones are throwing me off, I leave for he field in less than a week! I cannot wait to get out there! Teaching in the MTC is hard I almost think it might be harder in here then it would be out in England! One of our teachers plays this role of this girl (Natalie) who is just mean and awful and is on her phone the entire time! We explained the plan of salvation to her and in the middle she asked where my companion got her stupid sweater! Then by the end we asked her if she had any questions and she is like well I don’t understand the plan at all!!! UGH we were so frustrated! I am sure I will have hard times in the field, but hopefully nothing like that dang Natalie!

There are so many accentP1020481[1]-2s here French, German, English, Scottish, Swedish, Canadian, and Italian! I could go on and on my teacher is from Scotland and by the end of the day my thoughts I had inside my head were all with a dang scotch accent!!!!!

 We are in a zone and in the zone we have a small district I love everyone in it! The elders are great, there are only six of us so we really have gotten to know each other well! Its Myself and sister Nigido, Elder Sintim from south London going to the Manchester mission, Elder Hall from Marsing Idaho going to the Manchester mission waat watt! Elder Dutry from Arizona and Elder Mielacher from Autria are both going to the leeds mission! I will upload another email with just pictures! It’s a lot easier for me to send one big email out than 20 different emails so I am sorry I wish I had the time to sincerely write everyone! But I love reading all of the individual letters please keep them coming they mean more than the word to me! I love you all so much and miss you too! Hope you are doing well!

P1020512[1]-2Love  Katherine


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