Made it to the MTC 10/3/2013

I made it to the MTC all safe and sound the flight was really long but it was so cool meeting up with all the other missionaries! We took a big group picture! Once I have a chord I will send pictures! I finally met up with sister decker! She is kind and so sweet we gave each other a great big ol’hug! Lots of elders they crack me up, there is one from Fresno California 6’6 not coordinated at all he is so funny and just gangly, so we were eating at the airport and I had a bottled water but I could not open the lid, it was on so tight, so here I am with 3 other elders and none of us could open this dang lid! So the one from Fresno tried it again his hands were so soft that it cut his palm and left a big red mark haha can you say woooooseeey! Haha I had a good laugh teasing him about it!  I am trying to adjust to this MTC! I am definitely out of my comfort zone but without me stretching myself there would be no growth!  This first day at the MTC is simple just had to get a few things done, unpack and they even told us we could take an hour nap! but I’m just going to be honest it’s been hard I find myself questioning why I came out here and then think I was absolutely nuts! But after that talk I had with President Hughes he reminded me and gave me a lot of comfort! He is very loving and made me feel loved!  I will be taken very good care of don’t you worry about me!
England is so weird like people driving on the wrong side of the road even the door for the bus is on the opposite side! Its green everywhere and trees everywhere too! There are many accents and different languages! Preparation days are on Wednesday so that’s when you will hear from me!
Sister Hunter ( has a nice ring to it, got my name tag never seen one that looked so good)

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