Week 3 10/21/2013

Seriously thank you for writing me, you really don’t know how much reading these emails have helped! This week has been one of the hardest weeks I have ever had! Getting use to the schedule of a missionary is tough also being and pushing me out of my comfort zone is extremely hard! So to start off the first official day on the field we went to that man’s flat we met on the bike! and his roommate answered the door the man on the bike wasn’t there but the guy who answered the door was named rob (22yrs), he invited us in there were two other girls in the house so we were safe no worries (mom and dad we started talking to him and just getting to know him. one of the first things he said was that he was searching for a faith and wants to believe in something, he has been in and out of jail like five times and is sick and tired of it, he loves his family so much and wants to change so they are proud of him, he has had such a hard past with drugs being abused when he was younger, and getting in fights. So as missionaries we are supposed to ask them to be baptized the first time we meet with them! ya it was hard for me to understand that, but it’s so they have that goal and know what we are expecting out of them! So I asked him these are the exact words we have to say “will you be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of god?”! AND HE SAID YES ABSOLUTLEY! It was a great experience I felt the sprit testifying to him that I knew that this gospel would help him straighten his life out; I have now figured out when I can feel the sprit and when I am teaching with him! It’s quite amazing! But the only bad thing is that he has a court date in November and if he is sent to jail we can’t set a date for his baptism until he is out and I think at the minimum he will be in there for two years… ya so hopefully he doesn’t get sent, we will continue to teach him.

that night we were heading back home and almost into our flat this lady that lives in the same apartment complex as us walks in with this super cute red pea coat so I complimented her on it, not thinking anything just trying to be friendly and she thanks me and just started talking with us and she seriously opened up like a book in the first 5 minutes we were talking her granddaughter died a couple years ago, she suffers from depression she is divorced live alone, after she told us that I was just like can we come in and talk with you for a bit, she said yes and let us in, once we were in she really opened up we told her what we were doing and all that and we testified to her really didn’t get to teach her the first lesson because we were just getting to know her we got her number and told her if she needed anything to just call or text or just come knocking, she has been texting us every night saying at how bad of a day she had and how lonely she is so we go by and chat with her.

On Saturday we have 4 hours set for finding people! We had a big conference call with the district leaders and two other sisters we say a prayer right before we start finding. the first guy we come to on the street was amazing he said he had been searching for a faith told us he had a personal experience with a vision then I popped in Joseph smiths vision and he loved it we asked him to come to church and he said he woP1020582uld gave him our number and we got his and we asked if we could come by and teach him more and he also said yes!

Sunday we went to church we had ward council at 8:30 after we were done with that we had to go back to our flat area and pick Karen up (the depressed sad lonely woman) because she came to church with us!!! It was so rewarding having her there! She later became overwhelmed and
had to leave right before relief society started, she said it was too loud… she isn’t use to being around people at all at one point she said she stayed in her apartment with out coming out for like 7 weeks.. Sad! anyways in relief society they passed around our paper for dinner appointments (they call dinner over here tea…. so stinker weird tea is a drink hello people wake up, and if we say dinner that is pertaining to lunch) so we got that all filled up this whole week
we will have dinners so don’t worry about that we are being fed! I received a blessing from our district leader to help me get through this hard time in the mission it was beautiful sister king wrote some of my blessing down, it helped me realize that I am out here for a reason and people have been specifically prepared to be taught by me,so that gives me strength to keep going!

My companion is great she is quiet but such a great trainer she is very obedient to the rules and always keeps us going and planning and doing all that we need to! She has been really great this past week because she so understands of how I am feeling. So Sunday night we went to one of the members home for dinner, they live in colne and out by a farm so beautiful green every where! oh and the food over here really isn’t that much different we can pretty much find everything we need in the store there isn’t any weird food that I have had to eat since I have been over here so that’s good! We have to ride the bus everywhere and once we got out to colne where the members live they had this couple come and get us, Simon and Kelsey Simon is from England Kelsey is from America her parents live in Boise crazy! They both served and are a great couple! Anyways so driving to their home Simon was like so this was your first Sunday huh??? And I was like yea… he said I hated that day all I wanted to do was cry… ohh my I felt so much better hearing that because I wanted to do was just cry they both helped and reemphasized that this part of my mission is seriously the hardest part they both thought and felt the exact same as me!

So yesterday was really hard, but it is so nice to have my first official pday and to read all of your encouraging words and advice and to read all the love you have for me! I have met a lot of people already out here that have such hard lives and didn’t really have great family lives… I have learned so much and am so thankful for all of you more than I have ever been in my life! It’s really been a humbling experience so far! Hard but humbling!

I love you all so much and please keep emailing they really help! I miss you so much!! Until next Monday!


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