Week 2 10/17/2013

I cant believe Iam on my mission its crazy! i met my companion she is from australia really nice she is quiet but a good teacher! we have a nice flat(
apartment thats what they call them over here) i miss everyone so much
! i am having a hard timebecause at how much i miss you all like i cant say the word family with out starting to cry! :( i cant wait to see everyone again! ! Last
night we went out finding/tracking and meeting new members we are in
Chorley right now that’s our zone and there haven’t been sisters there
in forever! So we "whitewashed” don’t know exactly what that means! I
am learning the missionary lingo still! so anyways last night we went
out said a prayer we always say a prayer before we leave first guy we
come to was walking his bike back home and we stopped and talked to
him he said he love messages about Jesus and told us where he lives
and took a card from us! since I have been out here we always talk
about miracles and that definitely was that was my first encounter of
a real person and he didn’t spit, curse, or make any rude remarks at
us... even though I know that will come it was nice not having that
happen to me on the first day and first person! we then went I have no
idea where, these towns are crazy they are so compacted together and
the addresses are so awful to find anyways we were trying to go to a
sisters house that just got baptized but hasn’t really been coming to
church and somehow we managed to find her place (this was all at night
too dark rainy and the wind was blowing) she wasn’t there but her mom
said she would be in today! then we had an address for a members house
we stopped there chatted and it wasn’t until the husband starts
reading this info about missionaries and sister king asked him what
his calling was, he was the stake president! We had no idea just
looked at the map found an area and went for it! So last night was
definitely a miracle! we were able to go and get some shopping done
today and email so that was so nice! On our way to the library we had
to catch a bus and take it to the town square so we had to bus
contact! Once we got on sister king sat down by a lady but everyone
else was sitting with someone so I sat behind a lady and started a
conversation with her didn’t get to the religious conversation but it
was good practice! We then came to the shopping square! EVERYONE
SMOKES it stinks so bad over here! But we were walking and i'm
thinking to myself okay I have to talk to everyone ya right its
impossible lots of people some don’t give you the chance so I am still
trying to figure out how to do that! Anyways we passed this old guy
walking and I looked at him kept walking and all of a sudden I just
had this feeling told my companion and went back and talked to him! he
wasn’t interested at all but that was my first lesson on following the
prompting of the spirit I have no idea why I felt like I should talk
to him right when we started to talk about what we were doing he just
walked off! I want to be able to follow those prompting no matter what
and that was a good practice for me! Tonight we are going to meet the
bishop and stop by some less active families houses! We will see how
that goes my p days will regularly be on Mondays now! love adn miss
you so much! until monday!!

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